Our Heritage 

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Gurusamy Goldsmiths (GG) have rooted from the traditional goldsmith's family of Gurusamy Achari from Coimbatore, a tropical haven from the South of India. The region enriched with jasmine scented cliffs and  hidden gems of ancient temples carved with its rich history and myths where the craftsmen express their lives and souls on fine gold jewellery. The Goldsmiths known here as 'Acharis' being decedents of Vishvajnya (meaning ‘goldsmiths’ in Sanskrit) been contributing significantly to the society for the temples, the kings and its subjects with their handcraft technology on 22kt pure gold using ancient engineering and philosophy and a minority of them still in practise serving those special customers.  

Our Uniqueness 

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The uniqueness of Gurusamy Goldsmiths UK Ltd is its bespoke jewellery custom made by inspirations born from these South Indian artisans and by the stories inspired from the Indian mythology with meaningful symbols and creative designs to meet the current trends mainly in the UK, Europe & Worldwide. All our products are handcrafted with 22kt pure gold  which is the purest form of a gold jewellery one can cherish and using century old time-honoured technology to offer an invaluable experience to our customers. Our bespoke collections are uniquely designed  and  made using ancient tools and sustainable methods, with less carbon footprint while preserving the ancient traditions and skills thereby supporting our artisans' such a beautiful contributions. Our products are  hallmarked in the UK to promise our quality & passion hidden beneath these masterpieces. 

Our Unique Selling Point

Gurusamy Goldsmiths  would love to treat every customer special and cherish a unique buying experience.

We provide bespoke luxury artefacts independently for each customer who can personalise their jewellery as they desire. We can also work with their ideas/imaginations to reflect on our products, to make it even more special. Each bespoke jewellery made with the traditional tools and work benches is customised to suit customers’ need from precious to semi-precious stones, white and rose 22 karat gold and a range of colourful enamel patterns. Products can be engraved with  special messages where possible. Further we try to capture the story of 'how we made it'  to take you through the journey from melting the gold ores till the finish, to leave our customers with a sweet and lasting memory with sincere gratitude and passion.

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Our Strength

About Us

Artisanal handcrafts, local inspired designs hidden with rich heritage, history and sealed with compassion   (made with the purest locally sourced materials) make our products an experience of a lifetime.   Our aim is to promote the local artisans traditional methods amidst this modern era evolving with the machinery and help sustain the centuries old heritage for centuries more to come.


Gurusamy Goldsmiths is a luxury jewellery brand which seeks to unify tradition with the new. With its roots in Coimbatore, South India, the family business to this day uses traditional local artisans, hand crafted with great care through traditional methods, to create bespoke, meaningful designs. While the business has been trading for nearly a century, it is now looking to evolve within the UK, under the helm of family member Saravana Gurusamy whose vision is to “bring the ancestral way of jewellery making back to life in a sustainable way,” whilst connecting designers and artisans throughout the world in his mission to do so. 

Our Heritage